Accounts Team


Caroline Butt - Relationship Accounts Manager

Likes: Cuddling her cat Joey & drinking wine. 

Dislikes: Driving in the snow & getting up early. 

About: Caroline started working for Mascolo & Styles in 2004 after a career in Exporting and taking time out to have her 2 kids, Jake and April. She is one of the many Crazy Cat ladies of the office and spends her evenings cuddling her cat Joey and relaxing with a glass of wine in her favourite chair.

Ultimate Goal: To win the lottery and become a (Crazy Cat) lady of leisure.


Andrew Colenutt - Relationship Accounts Manager

Likes: Skateboarding & basketball. 

Dislikes: Sprouts & heights

About: Andrew started working for Mascolo & Styles in 2013, but previous to that he worked at Marwell Zoo. Unfortunately, he was not a zookeeper, but worked in the kitchen as a chef. In his spare time he enjoys walking his dog, Dexter, and injuring himself on his skateboard.

Ultimate Goal: Start his own law firm or skateboard company.


Jack Robinson -  Relationship Accounts Manager

Likes: Playing guitar & football. 

Dislikes: Awkward silences & pineapple on pizza.

About: Jack started working for Mascolo & Styles in 2014 having previously worked for Santander and NatWest in Customer Service. The majority of his life revolves around music. Outside of work he spends his time either listening to, writing or playing music and occasionally playing live at some of the local pubs.

Ultimate Goal: To headline glastonbury. 


Ollie Mace - Relationship Accounts Manager

Likes: Sports & the Sesh.

Dislikes: Snakes & bad drivers.

About:  Started at Mascolo & Styles in 2016 after 4 years in retail management. Ollie has a beautiful 4 year old daughter called Daisy.  He loves to play golf in the sun after work and spend time with his tight-nit friendship group of 15 years.

Ultimate Goal: To start a successful tipping website.


Zoe Hazell - Relationship Accounts Manager

Likes: Sleeping & brussels sprouts.

Dislikes: Cheese & wasps.

About: Zoe started working for Mascolo & Styles in 2017, after spending 3 years working in a local tearooms. In her spare time, Zoe enjoys paddle-boarding at the beach and going to the pub with friends.

Ultimate Goal: To own a sausage dog & live by the sea.