Payroll team.

  Sharna Styles - Payroll Manager     Likes:  Cycling & Reading    Dislikes:  Bannanas & Rude people   Ultimate Goal : Live by the sea. Further my knowledge in health & fitness   

Sharna Styles - Payroll Manager

Likes: Cycling & Reading 

Dislikes: Bananas & Rude people

About me: Sharna started working for Mascolo & Styles when she dropped out of college, she initially went there to bide her time until she found another job, 13 years on she is still there.  Sharna had recently just graduated at the University of Worcester with a degree in Payroll Management. 

Ultimate Goal: Live by the sea. Further my knowledge in health & fitness


  Sam Maasz - Assistant Payroll Manager    Likes :   Beauy & Excersising   Dislikes :   Sharks & Shins   Ultimate Goal : To be happy and healthy

Sam Maasz - Assistant Payroll Manager

Likes: Beauty & Excersising

Dislikes: Sharks & Shins

About me: Sam started working at Mascolo & Styles in 2011 where she originally worked in the accounts department. In 2012 a job in payroll became available and 5 years later she is now one of two Assistant Payroll Managers. In her spare time Sam does Beauty Therapy which comes in very handy for friends, family & colleagues!

Ultimate Goal: To be happy and healthy


  Kirsty Bland-Flagg - Assistant Payroll   Manager    Likes : Reading & Dogs   Dislikes : Spiders & Goat's cheese.    Ultimate Goal : To write a best-selling fiction novel. 

Kirsty Bland-Flagg - Assistant Payroll Manager

Likes: Reading & Dogs

Dislikes: Spiders & Goat's cheese. 

About me: Kirsty started at Mascolo & Styles 11 years ago after graduating from University with a degree in English Literature.  When she is not at work you can usually find her with her head in a book or re-fueling on coffee. She enjoys TV shows about forensics, crime and murder and would like to study Forensics in the future (as a hobby).

Ultimate Goal: To write a best-selling fiction novel. 


becky alexander.png

Becky Alexander - Senior Payroll Administrator

Likes: Walks & her cockapoo Ralphie

Dislikes: The dark & small talk

About me: Becky started working at Mascolo & Styles in 2012, she took 9 months out to have her baby boy George in 2016 and is now back working 3 days a week as a Senior Payroll Administrator. 

Ultimate Goal: Happiness & to own a yacht


emma dilisle.png

Emma Delisle - Payroll Administrator

Likes: Outdoor activities & Events

Dislikes: Wooden spoons & Slow walkers

About me: Before Emma was at Mascolo and Styles she lived with her Dad in Australia for 2 years, coming back to run a pub in the lovely English countryside. Since then she has been employed at Mascolo and Styles for 2 years and is currently studying for her Payroll Practitioner Certificate, so that she can gain further knowledge in payroll and help the company to expand. When not at work she’ll be gallivanting across the country to a race track.

Ultimate goal: To be on TV



Sophie Blackman - Payroll Administrator 

Likes: Otters & Chocolate.

Dislikes: Mushrooms & Being cold.

About: Sophie started at Mascolo & Styles in April 2018 having previously worked in mental health and insurance.  She is currently studying AAT Level 2 so she can expand her knowledge of accounts alongside payroll. When Sophie is not studying she enjoys baking and running.

Ultimate Goal: To be a professional chocolate taster.


Steph Durn - Payroll Administrator

Likes: All things Disney & Photography

Dislikes: Noisy eaters & Clutter

About me: Steph came to Mascolo & Styles in May 2016 after an 8 year career in Retail, spending 5 years specialising in human resources and personal development. In 2014 she completed a certificate in Marketing with distinction, emphasizing the importance of building an effective Marketing Mix. With this knowledge Steph hopes to support Mascolo & Styles in expanding.

Ultimate Goal: Be an events planner for Disney World


chelsea saint.png

Chelsea Saint - Payroll Administrator

Likes: Good food & Exercise  

Dislikes: Spiders & Moths 

About me: Chelsea is the newest member of the team. She is known to be the clumsy one in the team which can be quite amusing in the office! Previous to this she worked in retail for 3 years. In her spare time she enjoys helping out on the farm and going out on the tractor!

Ultimate Goal: Travel to Rio De Janeiro