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We are here to help you with your outsourced Payroll needs but first, let's discuss 4 fatal mistakes when choosing a company to outsource your payroll to ...


1. Not knowing who you are dealing with

We are not just your typical stuffy Payroll bureau, we are a small dedicated team of Payroll professionals, who love our job and the company we work for, which is reflected in our work and our fees. Come and meet the team and see for yourself. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service. 

2. Do you really know what you are paying for?

When we send you our quote there will be no hidden or additional fees, we don't like to be complicated. We are more than happy for you to negotiate with us on our fee and are happy to reduce the amount of work we do to reduce the fee.

3. Using up valuable in-house resources, paying higher salaries 

Why do this when we can alleviate it all from you? Do you really want the burden and the additional expense of having to pay: 

  • High Salaries

  • Employers National Insurance

  • Holiday, Sick & Staturay Leave Cover

  • Expensive Software

  • Payroll Related Materials i.e. Payslips

when we can do it for you at a fraction of the cost?

Worried that if you outsource you will lose control? Well don't be, we will work with you and communicate as much or as little as you want. 

Do you already outsource your Payroll? If so, let's see if we can beat your current provider on customer service and price.

4. Avoid penalties from the likes of HMRC, The DWP and The Pension Regulator

Employing staff can be very costly and not just because of their salaries. With HMRC constantly implementing new forms of legislation such as R.T.I (Real Time Information), yearly NMW  increases (National Minimum Wage) and Auto Enrolment each with their own set of fines.

Did you know that if you underpay NMW (whether or not it was intentional) you could be looking at not only having to pay the employee back all monies due at the current NMW rate, but also paying that figure again as a fine? The fines set by The Pension Regulator for failure do not comply with the statutory notice could result in daily escalating fines from anywhere between £50 to £10,000 (per day).



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Coldnet Refrigeration - Matt Kemp

We have been using Mascolo since 2011 and my previous company had used them since 2009. We have found them to be extremely helpful in dealing with all of our payroll and government pension schemes.

The processing of our payroll is done very quickly and efficiently, we have a team of 7 staff members. I have only ever dealt with 2 people doing our payroll and Sam is brilliant, informative and always there for any advice. I have to be honest and say I cannot think of any negative experiences using them and would highly recommend them.


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